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"A timeless story about love and courage, well-told and beautifully illustrated."

Kirkus Review

Buckan, a brave young stag, embarks on a journey to find a mythical garden in order to save his fellow deer from the attacking wolves. The journey tests his faith and courage, and forces him to overcome his deepest fears.
A tale of trust and bravery of heart, this compelling and poetic book shows the importance of intuition and love.

Mountain Garden, Inspirational Book by Will Ottley

Music © Ivor Ottley 2014. From the CD "Skating Across The Baltic"

Mountain Garden © Inspirational books by Will Ottley

This inspirational book is now on sale worldwide:

"An inspirational story that will resonate with everyone"



"If you enjoy stories by Paulo Coelho, you'll love this."



"Essential reading for those of us who need a reminder to love life"



"a journey which teaches the reader about courage, endurance , love and faith" CM


"This book touched me and I would recommend it to everyone" DD


"It's up there with the greats like Jonathan Livingston's Seagull."



"If you like stories of light triumphing over darkness, you'll love this" LC

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